Thursday, March 9th 2006

2005 Photos!
posted @ 10:42 pm by Casey

I finally got around to adding the photos for 2005… I know, I know, I suck. I had uploaded them to a totally unstyled gallery right after Halloween but had grand plans for a redesign before I actually linked them. Reality set in and now I’m posting them as is.

2005 was incredible. We learned a whole lot both from the standpoint of running 2 haunts and from the standpoint of promoting a haunt. It turns out that the newspaper article last year was a huge part of our traffic, this year we figured word of mouth and promo materials would be enough (we actually feared having more people than we could handle) and it ends up that it isn’t. Despite having a very good turnout (estimated 1,500) we were disappointed to see less traffic than last year. Next year we’ll be going again for some news media coverage to help boost our numbers. We’re also talking preliminarily about running a second weekend, we’ll see how that pans out over the year.

Incidentally, check out a small video of how cool it is to have two haunts.