Friday, October 28th 2005

The clock keeps tickin’…
posted @ 1:15 am by Casey

Well, we’re very close now, opening tomorrow night. While there are elements of the last push I usually don’t care much for I must admit lighting scenes really makes a huge difference. We put the finishing touches on the morgue today as well and Paul really came through with the airbrush to age the freezer wall. As usual Rick came through on the mechanical front taking my idea of a pneumatic slamming freezer door and delivered. In fact, I was so impressed I grabbed some video of it. Morgue Freezer .mov (1.3 MB)

This year has been really nice with a bunch of additional help I haven’t had before. Paul and Jenn have really stepped up and brought some great artistic support in, James also swooped in for some backup. I’ve had some extra construction hands with Kenny, Nick, Grandpa and Kawala. Rick continues to be a great guy to have around, providing mechanical know how I just don’t have and really bringing in a whole bunch of great ideas this year. And of course, my lovely wife Sommer has provided me with great support, a whole boatload of sewing, creativity and inspiration… I’m really lucky to have her around.

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