Monday, October 31st 2005

All Gone
posted @ 10:22 am by Casey

Yesterday was clean-up, and we’re all both sad and relieved to see it come down. What was put up in four days of non-stop work was taken down and packed away in a matter of six hours!

I took a few pictures to give everyone an idea of what the breakdown process is like:

Most of the electrical components. Flicker circuits, extension cords galore, can lights, christmas lights…all neatly bundled and packed away for next year.

Randomness scattered on the front lawn and driveway. You can see the morgue freezer walls and doors, the front door to the funeral home, and the wheelchairs from the morgue. We usually try to carry everything out to the front lawn for a quick mental inventory, and because it’s a little tricky to load the trailer now that we have so much stuff. We have officially exceeded the limits of Rick’s trailer now; it can only hold about 90% of our haunting props.

The deconstructed circus entry. Not as intimidating now, eh?

To everyone who helped out, from building to tear down to acting, THANK YOU SO MUCH. We can’t do what we do alone, and we love to see other people discovering and enjoying the haunting process.

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