Tuesday, October 10th 2006

The Darker Side of Home Haunting
posted @ 11:11 pm by Casey

I’ve got to admit that I often find myself wanting to rip my hair out and scream this time of year. It’s impossible to move around in the garage, the backyard looks like the backyard of some creepy redneck family with all the salvaged furniture and junk we find(hey…the shoe may fit, i know!), and the nights are spent toiling over the most bizarre projects. I also can’t help but to worry and stress over details: will everything fall into place in a timely manner? Will we go broke in the process? Will someone get hurt? Will people even show up? If they do, will they be assholes? Putting on a haunt also means dealing with the dynamics of our group of contributors. Everyone has their own ideas and “visions” of what it should be or look like. Everyone deserves respect, but not everyone has a spectacular idea in line with the overall “vision,” so toes are stepped on frequently. In the end, though, everything works out, little arguments over color scheme, placement, etc. are forgotten, and everyone has a good time making adults and children scream and cry (respectively…or not?). I always enjoy it after the fact, after everything is done and nothing or no one has fallen to pieces. Until then, I’ll be the nervous, watchful one with crossed fingers. And toes. And….eyes?

Oh, and I don’t have classes this year (hooray for graduating!), so I will hopefully be able to contribute even more this time. On my to-do list now: Two more fatso costumes, a chicken costume (if i can find cheap faux fur), more tent stuff, the wheel of death, and the general planning stuff with Casey.

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