Tuesday, October 10th 2006

Is it the 10th already?!
posted @ 11:24 pm by Casey

Like Sommer below, I’m a tad stressed at the moment. I swear I get a later start every year, and fortunately everything gets done every year. However, I’m feeling the pressure of the late start this year (we’re building a brand new haunt, dangit!) I needed to get over the hump of finishing the sign, and we’ve done that. I must say I am really happy with how it came out. Whenever I start out on a new project, something I’ve never done before, I’m always nervous about how it will turn out. I decided last year I wanted to do an internally lit sign, so I went ahead with a plan I had in my head and it worked out. Yay for me.

We are also progressing along on the Wheel of Death, which should be pretty cool. The concept is a light weight copy of an old school knife throwing wheel. Last year we had a clown with knives in him, akin to a knife throwing victim, but this year we’re stepping it up.

The concept is that a haunt theme lives for 2 years. The first year you get the basics out of the way. The second year you really perfect it, and then the third it is gone. This is the second year for the circus, so we’re building up the midway (to feature the Wheel of Death) and a Freakshow portion. Should be cool. Lots more to go on the Wheel, but Sommer came up with a cool design for it and I’m excited.

Part of the excitement of all of this is the stress of wondering if we can actually pull it off again. And here I sit, once again wondering… every year the hype gets bigger, the expectations get greater, the time gets shorter… and you know what? I still love it!

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