Tuesday, October 17th 2006

posted @ 10:52 pm by Casey

Well, we’re progressing slowly. Not to worry, though, most of the asylum will be built on site and doesn’t require a lot of preparation up front. We did however complete a project tonight as well as get a couple of other interesting things done. First of all, Sommer kicks ass. She designed the Wheel of Death and it is totally freakin’ awesome. It makes me want to redesign whole portions of the Circus to resemble the style… nice work, junior. This bad boy will be a spinning, old school knife throwing prop of doom.

We also worked on a couple of other pieces of signage, and randomness. I totally abused employer resources by printing out a whole boatload of obituaries, newspaper clippings, medical diagrams, handwritten notes and other randomness to adorn the doctor’s office. Gotta love that. Check out the randomness for today.

Zach (the original autopsy specialist from California) arrives next Wednesday, next week should be awesome. We’ve got a ton of building to do, but overall I think we’re in good shape to have another incredible year.

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