Thursday, October 19th 2006

Woohoo, Momentum…
posted @ 12:42 am by Casey

It usually just takes a couple of projects in a row to get the momentum that makes me feel good about our progress. Fortunately I reached that point today. We built what Sommer refers to as the Rat in a Cage Maze and I’m thrilled with it. The exhilarating part about doing this stuff is that you find yourself in the position of building things you have never built before. Hell, building things you have never even fathomed before. When you embark on such journeys it can either go horribly wrong, or work out just splendidly. Today was a splendidly day and the cages r00l.

Also, I do work. No one ever takes my picture, but dammit, I do work. Proof below.

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