Monday, October 30th 2006

And on that note…
posted @ 12:03 pm by Casey

Well, another year over. Another 5 day intense build and 1 day intense tear down. It is pretty amazing watching the house become a house again in that one day of tearing everything down.

This year went pretty well, had a ton of people come through and the Asylum was unbelievable for its first year. Zach was also back this year and did an unbelievable job as a crazy person in the only open room in the hallway of doors. With the positives, however, come the negatives. Our actors were a huge problem this year, couldn’t keep anyone where they were supposed to be and couldn’t keep half of them from constantly being on break IN THE HAUNT. For you other haunters out there, never take a break in the haunt where guests can see you, bad form.

The big negative this year, however, was rain. We have miraculously avoided rain every year we have done this and it finally caught up with us. It rained during the haunt on Friday and started pouring just after close. In a total downpour we had to take down the 14 foot clown entrance, both signs, all of the outdoor electric and several outdoor props. Fortunately nothing was ruined, but it was not a fun experience. Usually Saturday is a very relaxed day, but this time around we had to rebuild all the things we had to take down for the rain.

Once again Kacy and Rick were awesome, Paul was a HUGE help this year, Zach flew all the way out to have me bark orders at him (sorry Zach) and Kenny was there every day of the build AND teardown. This year will be a real tough call, both Kenny and Zach were incredible help and the best actors we had… hard to say who would win the MVP. And lastly, Sommer was once again the rock, the mother of the haunt. Thanks Junior! Below are a few sneak peek photos.

Without a doubt my favorite room in the house. We always have to include the tasteless prop and this year it was a doctor who just couldn’t take it anymore. Brilliant.

Everything about the Asylum was incredible, starting with the new fascade. Paul and I found those shutters (made of foam believe it or not) for $2 a piece, and we of course built the sign. A new paintjob on the door, some aging by Paul and we had a very convincing entry.

We split the porch into two rooms this year (it was one large room for the funeral home). It really worked out well as you passed first from a relatively safe reception area to this first room, the common area. This came out sooooo cool that while I was sad to see the funeral home go, I was equally pleased in here.

Here is a little closer shot of the medication area. You’d have to see the porch with nothing on to appreciate the changes we made, but all the walls along the left are new, the medication area is new and we hung a TV playing a loop of creepiness. You can download that video here (5.7 MB Quicktime).

Scary. Paul was an incredible help this year, it is fun to do this sort of thing with family. He not only helped every day of the build, he also shaved his head AND eyebrows to convert from the Ringmaster to the creepy clown version of the Ringmaster. Best costume by far.

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